Online Language Classes for Adults

Adult Language Learning

Our online group programmes take into account the specific needs and expectations of busy professionals who need to learn a foreign language for business or personal reasons. Our courses are designed to offer the most effective programmes which are suitable for both general and specialised interests.

The structure and objectives of the programmes are clearly outlined and presented at the commencement of the course.

Our programmes aim to help each learner to:

  • Understand and assimilate information easily.
  • Learn effectively through an organised method.
  • Have a clearly defined plan of learning.

All Avery Hill Education language programmes include cultural awareness as an important component.

We believe that understanding a language requires more than acquiring the knowledge of grammar, phonology and lexis. It also requires an awareness and appreciation for the culture in which the language is spoken. In our courses, we place a high value on the link between language and culture.

Our general language courses consider aspects of cultural awareness for use in social and practical living situations. Our specialised courses include cultural awareness for use in business situations.

Adult Learner Online General and Specialised Group Programmes and One-to-One Courses

Creative Language Learning Solutions for Adult Learning

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General Programmes

Our online general programmes provide practical instruction in the target language in order to equip students for common, social and everyday situations.

Adult learners are given a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary and functional use of the language.

Our language teachers are experienced in teaching adults in the UK and abroad.

Specialised Programmes

Our online specialised programmes offer a combination of general knowledge and specialised language training.

Adult learners are a given a solid foundation in grammar and acquire specialised vocabulary.

Our language teachers are experienced in teaching adults in the UK and abroad.

To find out more, please choose the language of your choice.

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