Speak with Arthur

Speak with Arthur

Speak with Arthur is one of the two modules of our programme, Arthur the Elf – Learn & Play.

The module focuses on the development of communication and language skills. It is designed to support native language speakers and language learners.

The course was designed for early years and primary school-aged children and is available in English and French.

Young learners learn through stories, role play games, and activity books.

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Communication & Language Development

Speak with Arthur – EP (Educational Programme) 

Speak with Arthur – EP is designed to support the development of a child’s vocabulary range in his/her mother tongue.

The stories and their related activities cover the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and Development which interconnect with the Characteristics of Effective Learning: playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. Alongside this it supports children in becoming effective and motivated learners well-equipped with foundations in literacy learning as well as wider skills.

Speak with Arthur – EP (English version) supports the British curriculum (Early Years and Primary) and Parle avec Arthur – EP (French version) supports the French curriculum (Maternelle et Primaire).

Speak with Arthur – LT (Language Teaching)

Speak with Arthur – LT is designed to teach a second language.

The stories are the same as the Educational Programme but draw on related activities which are closely linked to the developmental, educational and curriculum needs of this age group as well as language acquisition. Through the programme the children are immersed in a new language and in the process develop strong listening and speaking skills. Furthermore, the learning in delivered in a clear cultural context enabling children to both understand and appreciate the world, others and cultures around them.

Speak with Arthur – LT (English version) and Parle avec Arthur – LT (French version) are designed for language learners.

Organised into Series

Each series offers four stories.

A story is structured around three parts. Each part works in combination with a role play game.



Series 1 (Introduction Story, The Book of Memories, The Birthday of Miss Wilson, The Magic Seeds)



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