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Vocabulary is the springboard for succeeding at school, learning to read, gaining skill in all subjects and enables complex thinking. Building vocabulary in young children is of paramount importance.

We know that children from different backgrounds have vast differences in the number of words in their vocabulary: by the age of just 3 years old there is a 30 million word gap between the poorest and the richest children.

The Tales of Arthur the Elf is a programme designed to boost vocabulary acquisition in the early years and primary.

You can expect our programme to:

  • Increase and broaden a child’s vocabulary, including mathematical terms;
  • Encourage the development of creativity and critical thinking skills;
  • Develop cultural awareness and understanding.

We are running a campaign aimed at generating supporters for our Give a Child the Gift of Literacy project which is designed to support the most disadvantaged children. You can now subscribe to Learn & Play (Series 1) and help a child in need.

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A Unique Programme – Why it Works

Learn & Play is the first level of our programme The Tales of Arthur the Elf.

It uses a distinct structure which consists of two key elements: storybooks (with audio) and picture role play books (with audio). Both are supported by activity books.

Each story works in conjunction with a role play game. This means that the vocabulary covered in a story gets reinforced in a role play game.

The activity books are designed to extend and consolidate learning in a fun and productive way.

You can find out more about our programme here.

Offer a Child a Subscription to Learn & Play (Series 1)

  • By buying a six-month subscription, a supporter gives an underprivileged child access to the English version of our programme Learn & Play (Series 1).
  • The course is designed to support language and literacy skills.
  • The materials will be offered to disadvantaged children aged between 4 and 6 years old in maintained nursery and primary schools in England.
  • A six-month subscription offers forty-eight lessons and six learning bundles.
  • Each learning bundle is delivered monthly and includes two storybooks (with audio), two picture role play books (with audio), two activity books, eight lesson plans and a teacher/parent guide.
  • The cost of a six-month subscription to Learn & Play (Series 1) is £10 per month (shipping costs included).
  • Supporters will receive regular updates on how their contribution is helping a child in need.