About Us

Our mission is to support children in developing solid language and literacy skills

Avery Hill Education Ltd is a company based in England, United Kingdom. We specialise in the creation and production of English language resources for children aged between four and nine years old.

Our programme, The Tales of Arthur the Elf, is founded on a love of teaching languages and delivered through a series of early years and primary language materials. This is combined with a belief that language immersion from a young age, through fun and engaging story-telling, lays solid educational and developmental foundations.

Primary School Children Avery Education Limited

Following extensive research in to how our youngest learners learn a second language, The Tales of Arthur the Elf began to take shape. The focus was on using stories and role play games to ignite interest with solid language acquisition. Further skills that are targeted include reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We wanted teachers and parents to be able to teach languages in a way that really works.