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About Us – We Support Early Learning and Development

Avery Hill Education Ltd is a company based in England, United Kingdom. We specialise in the creation and production of language resources for early years and primary school-aged children.

Our programme, The Tales of Arthur the Elf, is founded on a love of teaching languages and delivered through a series of early years and primary language learning materials. This is combined with a belief that language immersion from a young age lays solid educational and developmental foundations.

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The Tales of Arthur the Elf is a story-based language programme.

Story-based learning programmes for children don’t just develop literacy or language. They also develop everything from communication skills to social behaviour, cultural awareness to maths – stories really empower learning in every facet of development.

Cambridge University study showed that children who listen to fictional stories are more adept at understanding others and develop theory of mind. Story-telling is literally training the brain.

It is our scientific understanding of the power of story-telling that is behind the development of The Tales of Arthur the Elf. We wanted to develop something much more holistic than a basic language programme. We wanted to develop a programme which supports and develops the wider needs of the young child, gives them the building blocks of success, and taps in to the resources they have for their own development.

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