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Created for 4 to 9 Year Olds
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About Us

Our mission is to support children in developing solid language and literacy skills.

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Our team is composed of professional educators dedicated to delivering high-quality resources.

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Our teaching method consists in combining storybooks and role play games.

English Language Resources for 4 to 9 Years Old

Our  English language resources are designed for children aged between 4 and 9 years old.

The structure of our programme enables an immersive language teaching method making it both ideal and successful for excelling a child in their mother tongue or building their foundations in a second language.

Unlike many language learning programmes which focus solely on teaching vocabulary, The Tales of Arthur the Elf focuses on immersion in language but also mathematical concepts, problem-solving, cultural awareness, art, geography, history and more. This is truly unique and provides our youngest learners with an incredible head start with their future learning.

Our resources are suitable for use by teachers as well as being ideal for use in the home by parents.

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