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About Us

Our mission is to support children in developing solid language and literacy skills.

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Our team is composed of professional educators dedicated to delivering high-quality courses.

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Our courses and resources provide students with a structured and fun learning experience.

Avery Hill Education

Creative Learning Solutions

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Online Learning

We design solutions tailored to meet the needs of early years, primary and secondary students. Our courses are suitable for one to one and group learning.

Our online courses are available in English, French, Spanish and German. We can arrange online classes on weekdays and weekends.

Our online programmes are tailored to meet the needs of students who wish to learn a new language, require support in preparing for examinations or need academic support. We provide parents with an initial free consultation.

Teaching Resources

Our teachers create teaching resources suitable for use by nursery and primary school teachers as well as being ideal for use in the home by parents or for homeschooling.

Our Early Learning Resources are designed for children aged between 4 and 9 years old. They focus on language learning through stories.

Our Bespoke Resources are tailored to meet the needs of language learners and bilingual students aged between 4 and 18 years old. They focus on language learning, academic skills and preparation for examinations.


The first level of our Early Learning Resources for 4 to 9 years old is available for subscription. The Programme Learn & Play can be pre-ordered in English.

The six-month subscription offers storybooks with audio, animated games, and activity books full of fun and structured activities.

Our educational materials are suitable for use by early years educators, primary school teachers and MFL teachers, as well as being ideal for use in the home by parents. The programme is flexible and the lessons can be delivered at a variable pace.

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