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Arthur the Elf – Learn & Play: A Course for 4 to 7 Years Old

Arthur the Elf – Learn & Play is a language course designed for children aged between 4 and 7 years old. It is available in English, French and Spanish.

The comprehensive course is organised around learning bundles.

Learn to Speak is the main programme. It includes: picture storybooks (with audio), picture role play books (with audio) and activity books (with audio).

Learn to Read complements Learn to Speak. It includes: videos and flash cards.

The voice actors are native speakers. The pronunciation of new words and phrases is clear and allows children to learn how to use native pronunciation.

A Flexible and Inclusive Language Course

(dyslexia friendly)

Arthur the Elf – Learn & Play is a dual-functional language course. It is suitable for foreign language tuition as well as mainstream early years and primary school teaching.

As an educational tool, it supports the development of solid language and literacy skills.

As a language-learning tool, it facilitates language acquisition through complete immersion. Young learners gain solid listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and develop cultural awareness.

Our educational materials are inclusive. The storybooks, role play books, activity books, flash cards and videos use a dyslexia-friendly font, black text on light coloured background, short sentences, larger line spacing, and the usage of bold for emphasis.

The programme can be used by teachers, parents and carers in a classroom or home setting.

A Story-Based Language Programme

(available in English, French and Spanish)

Arthur the Elf – Learn & Play is a course designed to appeal to a young child’s innate creativity and imagination. Children are encouraged to develop their language and literacy skills.

The programme was designed to be multilingual with each language being taught in its cultural context.

The stories involve three young children and their magical friends. Anne, Henry and Edward embark on magical adventures and share the many lessons they learn.

The stories promote self-confidence and self-awareness in early childhood. Through different scenarios, children are encouraged to take initiative and develop an appreciation of the value of teamwork. They also develop critical thinking skills and become problem-solvers.

A Comprehensive Programme

(step by step learning and bite-size sessions)

Arthur the Elf – Learn & Play is a course organised around two Series. Each Series offers nine learning bundles.

A learning bundle includes: a storybook (accessible on our website as a flipbook with audio), a role play book (accessible on our website as a flipbook with audio), an activity book (with audio – to be downloaded from our website), a video (to be streamed on our website), flash cards, and a teacher/parent guide with lesson plans.

A learning session is designed to last 20 minutes.

Teaching Method

Learn to Speak
(Main Programme)

Storybooks and Role Play Books (with audio)

  • The storybooks encourage the development of functional vocabulary. Each story has clear learning objectives.
  • The role play games require the child to engage in the stories and build confidence with the language and concepts introduced.

Activity Books (with audio)

  • The activities consolidate the topics covered in a story and role play game.
  • Children develop solid language and communication skills.
Learn to Read
(Complements Learn to Speak)


  • Children watch the short videos before practicing with the flash cards. A video lasts around 3 minutes.
  • Children develop phonemic awareness, phonics and sight words. The programme is complementary to what is covered in Learn to Speak.

Flash Cards

  • The games are designed to reinforce what is covered in the videos.
  • Children develop solid literacy skills.

A Digital Language Programme

(offering flexible subscription options)

Arthur the Elf – Learn & Play is a subscription-based language programme that offers cost-effective and flexible solutions to teachers and parents.

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