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Our Language Programme – Learning through Stories & Role Play Games

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Language learning opens a portal to a whole new world to explore. For young children, who are our greatest learners, language learning exposes them to so much more than language itself. It opens their minds to excelled growth, literacy, numeracy and cultural understanding.

We are passionate about the benefits of learning a second language in the early years. This is the fundamental principle of our programme for 4 to 9 years old. With dedication, refinement and academic understanding, it has been developed to ignite language learning passion, but also boost a child’s learning success and indeed, capability.

Our programme uses a distinct teaching method which consists in combining storybooks (with audio) and role play games (videos) to engage children in the learning process.

The Tales of Arthur the Elf – A Unique Language Programme

Imagine an incredible story-teller, capable of weaving magic and mystery in to his tales of a far-away make-believe world. His name is Arthur the elf. Arthur tells stories involving three young children enjoying high jinks and adventures with mythical creatures and elves, and magical teachers too.

This is the core of the programme – stories, because story-telling works as a powerful educational tool. These stories are delivered through language storybooks (with audio) which work in combination with role play games (videos) and are supported by activity books full of structured and fun activities.

Our materials deliver a holistic approach to a young child’s development. The programme doesn’t just meet the needs of a language course, but includes:

  • Personal, social and emotional development: As children are encouraged to share, take-turns and evaluate different scenarios and feelings.
  • Communication, language and academic skills: Children embark on a discovery of different communication skills including verbal and written, fundamental literacy acquisition and the firm foundations for academic learning.
  • Cultural awareness and understanding: The stories delve in to different geographical areas exposing children to a wide spectrum of cultures, history and geography.

Teaching Method


Storybooks (with audio)

  • The stories are designed to encourage the development of functional vocabulary. A storybook is organised around the main text of the story and phrases in bold which are supported by illustrations.
  • Each story is short and has clear learning objectives. A child can listen to a story and repeat the key phrases once or twice before moving on to the activity book.

Activity Books

  • The activities are designed to consolidate the vocabulary covered in a story.
  • Children develop their language and literacy skills through creative and fun activities.
Role Play Games

Animated Role Play Games (videos)

  • The role play games require the child to engage in the stories and build confidence with the language and concepts introduced. They are short but interactive, usually lasting around two to three minutes.
  • The learning template used in the animation facilitates and maximises learning. A role play game can be repeated once or twice before the child moves on to the activity book.

Activity Books

  • The activities encourage children to develop their language and communication skills.
  • Children acquire solid listening and speaking skills.